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My love for my fellow man has provided me with the passion to help as many people as I can to take control of their own lives enabling them to maintain good health and to lead long, healthy active lives.

I am blessed to have come in contact with Tom Mower Sr in 1996 who has provided me with the knowledge and understanding of what I need to do to keep my own health.   As at June 2016 I have not had reason to visit my general practitioner since 27 January 2009 – I guess I must be doing something right!   By the way I am 74 this year!

I would love to share with you the information I have learned in the past 20 years which has allowed me to attain the level of health that I have.

Take time to check out my website and please feel free to contact me for further information.


Marilyn Vine


Marilyn Vine